Cooler Master Elite 120–An SFF Build

Well I’ve finished a new pc build centering around sff water cooling, nvidia 600 series graphics and intel ivy bridge and I must say it was a fun build and extremely rewarding.

Above is the finished build as far as water cooling and mostly wired, I’ll be spending more time on the outside of the case as well as adding some lighting.

If you want to read more about the build check out my build log on here.

Of course if anyone has any questions regarding the build they can post a comment and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

I’ll be posting my overclocking and benchmarking results in the next couple of days but so far everything is going stupendous with temps and overclocking that you can expect to get something out of this size watercooling loop.

Here are some more pictures of the build progress without comments for all to enjoy.


3 responses to “Cooler Master Elite 120–An SFF Build

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  2. Your build is very impressive, I would like to do something very similar. Now that you have had the system for a few months is there anything you would have done differently? Thanks.

    • Hey, thanks for visiting and the comments. I actually changed one from after I wrote this post – I flipped the psu to suck hot air out of the case, there was a lot of heat buildup from the Apogee Drive II pumps heatsink. When I researched the pump online most people said the heatsink didn’t get hot and some people are running the pump without the heatsink (which I don’t recommend), there was a lot of heat trapped in there – perhaps from the size of the case – but once I flipped the psu to suck air off the pump my cpu dropped in temps by ~4c.

      Other than that I honestly wouldn’t change a darn thing, it’s easy to work on and maintain and it’s extremely cool and quiet. Since the paste has settled in the temps have actually rose a bit but I think that’s partly due to my new monitor I got that is 2560×1440 resolution versus my older Acer 21″ that was just 1080p – for the price and size I can’t ask for a better computer that’s so cool and quiet.

      On the flipside – is there anything you would’ve done different on my build?

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